KES Waterfowlers is a partnership between master craftsman Neal Piotrowski and champion duck caller Chris Wright.

Chris Wright

While Chris was earning a name for himself on the contest trail in Illinois in the 90’s, Neal was hard at work, learning his craft. Neal’s career as a master wood specialist started as a student at the famed Arthur Sypeck School outside Trenton, New Jersey. In 1994, after graduating with honors and mastering the fine art of milling and wood design, Neal took his talents for wood turning and design to Princeton, New Jersey where he honed his skills as a wood specialist designing custom floors and trim work for seven years. During this era Neal split his time between his wood shop and the salt marshes of the New Jersey shore line waterfowling. A veteran waterfowler of 15 years, and now custom craftsman, Neal began to truly appreciate the heritage and history of waterfowling along the coastal waters. This was the beginning of his dream to craft his own custom wood calls.

In 1993, Chris began his calling career after attending a competition calling seminar hosted by Bob Richeson. After months of practice and tuning, Chris placed in his first competition, finishing 3rd in the Fox Valley Open Duck Calling Championship. Chris was hooked. Guiding duck and goose hunts in Illinois and Wisconsin, Chris began to master the different types of waterfowling that both states offered. Hunting the deep water of the Lake Michigan, flooded timber of the Illinois River bottoms, to the flooded fields and sloughs of the Wisconsin farm lands, all provided Chris with the knowledge and experience needed to become a force on the competition circuit.

In 1994, Chris won his first of six overall titles when he took "The Battle of Three States" Overall Duck and Goose Calling Open Championship. The high lights of his calling career include six top five finishes in the Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin State Duck Calling Championships, back to back titles at the 1995 and 1996 "Civil War" Open Duck Calling Championships, and back to back titles at the 2002 and 2003 "Midlands Open" Open Duck Calling Championships. Chris has traveled across the United States teaching and doing what he loved and keeping his family fed. One night on the road, somewhere in Iowa, a good friend suggested to Chris that he make his own line of calls. This was the beginning of his dream to craft and tune his own custom calls.

Neal Pitrowski

In 2001, at a Ducks Unlimited Banquet the two partners met for the first time. Neal and Chris instantly became good friends and hunting partners. Sharing blinds and hunts over the next three years, Chris and Neal began to work on call designs and tones for their crew. The combination of their shared talents and 40 years of waterfowling experience have helped them produce some of the finest sounding and most realistic calls in Ohio. In 2005, they finally succumbed to the pressure of friends and family and founded KES Waterfowlers. Their goal is to produce the highest quality call with the fullest range of tones and notes for whatever hunting situation arises. KES Waterfowlers – custom crafted calls made by hunters.

Chris has a son Cadyn, who is beginning to follow in his dads footsteps. Cadyn who is 7, has already begun his calling career with a custom walnut call Neal made for him as a gift. Cadyn is already hooked and is slowly working his way in as a regular in the KES crew when weather permits.