Snub Nose

Snub Nose
The Snub Nose is new to our line up but is quickly becoming our number one selling call. The call was designed to produce the pure duck sound that is demanded by hunters but with a faster response. The Snub Nose unique design allows for a quick response from one note to another while allowing you to work birds at an easier pace with more realism. Because of the Snub Noses length and tone board design the call is perfect for novice and beginning callers to expert hardcore waterfowlers. At 3.5 inches long total, the Snub Nose packs a whole lot of power and response in a small package and will finish birds dead. Acrylic choices – Blue Pearl, Black Cherry, Black Pearl and Ivory, Green, White Out
Reed Style – Double Reed (only)


Acrylic Choice

Reed Style:  Double Reed