Snub Nose Extreme

Snub Nose Extreme
The Snub Nose Extreme or SNE is tree shaking loud. This nasty little single reed is pure duck and a return to “old school” thinking – Raspy notes with Volume. Designed to compliment the Snub Nose’s nasal pitches and low end speed and tones, the SNE was designed to produce screaming, shatter filled hails that cut the air to low end soft quacks, feeds, and whines filled with raspy ducky goodness. The SNE has a lightning quick response with it’s “cut down” design and has proven this time and time again in the field and on stage. The SNE – Outlaw tested and Outlaw approved. Acrylic choices – Blue Pearl, Black Cherry, Black Pearl and Ivory, Green, White Out
Reed Style – Single Reed (only)


Acrylic Choice

Reed Style:  Single Reed