KES Waterfowlers Machine Turns and Hand Tunes every call we make for precision realism. All of our calls are field tested by our staff for an entire season. Their orders are to throw, stomp, slam, freeze, and beat on our calls.  We ask that they try to make them fail.  Waterfowlers are the toughest breed of hunter there is and they demand the most out of their equipment.  That is why before we will allow a call to wear our name – it must stand the trials a waterfowl season can bring – but most importantly – Finish Birds without Fail. These are our own designs and tone boards. Nothing borrowed or stolen from someone else, and nothing made over seas. 100% American Made by American Hunters.  KES Waterfowlers – Simple. Versatile. Dependable. Mean. One Call. One Philosophy. One Way of Life.